• Rules and Expectations

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!- Sra. Thompson

    The purpose of this letter is to acquaint you with the expectations I have of my students and those which my students should have of me.

    On this sheet you will find a list of classroom rules, consequences for breaking them and an explanation of my homework and attendance policy, and grading system.  I am asking you to read this and sign the form to indicate your understanding of my policies. This will be kept on file for the year.

    I want this to be a positive educational experience for everyone.  I will do my best to keep you informed of any problems so we can work together to solve them.  I want ALL of my students to succeed, but I cannot guarantee success to those who do not fulfill their responsibilities.  Please feel free to email me at sthompson@fillmorecsd.org or call me at 567-2251 if you wish to discuss your child's progress at any time. If you have not done so already, please visit the school website to find the link to get access to the parent area of Power School so that you can check your student’s progress at any time. 


    • Be on time and prepared for class..
      • Bring your laptop (charged), notebook, homework and writing implements.
    • Be respectful to others (adults and students alike) and to school property.
    • Be attentive.
      • Follow directions quickly and don’t disrupt.
      • Keep notes, participate in class-time exercises, complete homework before class, and study vocabulary and grammar.  Practice speaking outside of class to improve your skills.  
      • Stay in your seat until dismissed.  DO NOT PACK UP EARLY! I like to use all of our time together wisely.
    • Use of cell phones and/or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited. Please see the Code of Conduct.  


    Homework is a frequent occurrence in my class.  It is due at the beginning of the next class unless otherwise directed.  Homework will not be accepted late.

    • See me the day you return after an absence to obtain and/or turn in your homework.  If you know you’ll be absent from class, please notify me in advance, either in person or via e-mail. To receive credit for homework, you must turn it in before you leave early on a school day.  This pertains to band lessons, out-of-school appointments or activities, or field trips. You may also email me the day of the absence, if you wish, and I will send you a quick message outlining what the agenda is for the class as well as the assignment.
    • Homework assignments are generally written on the board.  It is always a good idea to have a classmate's contact information if you need the assignment after school hours.  Good attendance will definitely help ease the acquisition of the material taught.


    Marking period grades will be determined by category weights for the following categories:  Homework= 15%, Quizzes= 42.5% and Tests= 42.5% . 


    Students are encouraged to use Power School to keep track of their grades but are also welcome to see me for updates.  Parents can also have their own access.


    The final average will be comprised of each of the 4 marking periods, the midterm and the final exam.


    Use the learner outcomes listed in the textbook as an aide to studying.  They detail all that is covered in each unit. 


    I have also created HS SPANISH 2023-2024 in Teams, where you can find lots of resources, such as completed grammar notes, and grammar recordings.


    If there is any problem with the understanding of materials, please see me as soon as possible.  We will work together to find a time we can meet for extra help. 


    I hope the experience of learning a foreign language is enjoyable and the new skills are useful on the journey through life.    Gracias!   Señora Thompson


    We have reviewed and understood Sra. Thompson’s classroom expectations.



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    Student                                   Date                      Parent/Guardian                            Date





    For ease of contacting me, please use my school e-mail address sthompson@fillmorecsd.org.  If you have an email address with which we can correspond, please write it below.  If one is not available, please provide a phone number where you can be reached during school hours.  Please print your name and contact information clearly.  Thank you.




    Parent/Guardian e-mail