Lunch Menu
  • Last Day of Sub Bar - June 14

    Last Day for Salad Bar - June 21

    Meal Prices

    Breakfast     $1.00     Reduced     $ 0.25

    Lunch K-4    $1.70     Reduced     $ 0.25 

    Lunch 5-12  $1.85     Reduced     $ 0.25

    Served w/ Every Meal

    Chilled Fruit & Fresh Fruit

    1% & Fat Free Milk Choices (Extra Milk $ 0.50)

    Alternate Lunch

    PB&J or Featured Sandwich of the Day

    Deli Bar

    Fresh Pizza or make your own Subs are Available for Grades 7-12

    Complete Salad Bar

    A variety of Salads, Vegetables, Fruit and Soup are Available for Grades 5-12

    Breakfast Available Daily

    (served in the cafeteria and on the breakfast cart in the Music wing)

    Cereal, Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Breakfast Bars, Grab 'n Go, Hot Special of the Day!

    Note:  Students must have a minimum of three components and one must be a fruit or juice to be a complete breakfast.

    Note:  Students who receive a free or reduced lunch also can have a free or reduced breakfast!