• Mike


    As we near the end of the 2020-2021 school calendar we have much to celebrate. The focus of our academic plan this year did not change we remained committed to meeting every child at their academic and emotional needs. The administration and faculty worked together to modify curriculum with those individualized needs in mind. As we continue to move forward you will hear some people claiming that our students are behind. Fillmore students are not behind. When we entered the pandemic, we were identified by the state as a Recognized School, which means we performed in the top 13% of similar schools across NYS for the second straight year.

    Another cause for celebration is that our local and federal governments did not follow through with large funding cuts as anticipated. In the upcoming budget proposal, we continue with our mentioned goals while not asking for an increase in the levy. This year we are proposing a 0% increase in the tax levy. Experts and financial advisors generally urge districts to strongly reconsider proposing a 0% tax levy increase for several reasons, but our Board of Education, our Business Official and I all feel we are in a position to do so this year. 

    Michael Dodge