• Mike

    Hello Fillmore Families and Residents,

    You will have an opportunity to vote on approving a capital project along with next year’s regular budget vote this spring.  We are in the early stages of sharing this information with you, and you will be receiving more information from me in the upcoming months.  It is important to note that we will receive approximately 95% in aid for this project.  Funds would be used from the district’s previously established capital reserve to ensure a 0% increase to our tax levy to finance this project.

    The project would be staged in two phases.  The first phase of construction would start in 2020 with school security as the focus.  Recently there was an electronic student, parent, and community survey conducted to gather valuable feedback as to where our community would like to see our district focus this building project.  It was clear that school security was the community’s main concern.  Some of the security updates would include replacing classroom doors with advanced door locking mechanisms, adding building access panels to all exterior entrances and stationing a greeter at the main entrance.  Phase two of construction would be scheduled to begin in 2021.  The primary focus for this phase would be completing construction of the parking lot above our athletic fields.  Both of these opportunities are exciting for our community, school and students. 

    There are other areas of work in the project which could be considered less exciting but to a great extent are fiscally responsible.  Some of these items can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  For example, we hope to replace boiler pumps that are nearing the end of their life expectancy.  Replacing items like this in a project is beneficial because they have to be replaced eventually and when included in a capital project the district receives 95% of the cost back in building aid.  Another example would be in the bus garage.  We have two bus lifts, one of which is only a couple of years old, but the other is approximately twenty years old (installed in 2000).  This, of course, is another high dollar item that could be replaced at a fraction of the cost when included in a capital project.

    As we near the May budget vote, there will be more details available.  An informational brochure will be sent to our residents.  We will also have an information night about a month prior to the May 21st budget vote that will highlight much of the work involved in the project.  Thank you for being a part of our community.


    Michael Dodge


    FIllmore CSD