• Mike

    Don’t look now, but the last week in January is also the end of the first semester! We were able to get through the first half of the year without closing school because of poor weather conditions. When school does close or delay you will receive a call from our School Messenger system. If you miss the call, no worries, it will leave you a voicemail. We also report cancellations to Channels 2, 4 and 7 as well as “The Pig” 95.7. If you do not receive a call the morning of a delay or closing, please call the school to make sure your contact information is correct.

    The second semester is full of extracurricular opportunities for students. The research is clear: when students have a connection with their school, they are more likely to thrive academically and socially. This year we are starting a Fillmore Trap Shooting team. If your child is 12 years old or older and has taken the hunter safety course, they qualify to be on the team. We have already had approximately 15 students participate in some open practice shoots at the Freedom-Sandusky Gun Club. The men and women of the FSGC are excited to help us with our program and welcome any shooters that want to be a part of the sport.

    The trap team will be considered a club activity, which means your child can still be a part of the team even if they are also involved in a sport, musical, or any other after school activity. If you would like more information about this exciting new opportunity, simply give my office a call and I will fill you in (567-2251). We will be having more open practice shoots soon, and the competition season starts in late January.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that Ms. Newman has taken over the archery program I started a couple of years ago. We are now ready to take that program to the next level. Students who are involved in archery will now also be competing against other schools! All students in grades 4 and up are eligible to be a part of the archery program. Please contact Ms. Newman if you would like more information about your child becoming a Fillmore archer.