• Mike

    The other day I came across an interesting quote by Steve Jobs: “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” Couple that insightful citation from Mr. Jobs with the tsunami of adversity that has hit all of us in our personal and professional lives over the past six months, and you might need a nap!  Our goal is to get you the help needed (academic or emotional) before the tsunami and the stress hit.


    Some of my favorite American authors wrote about adversity and suggested that, how we handle difficult times helps define us at our core. When life gets difficult there are things we can do to help ourselves such as careful planning, surrounding ourselves with loved ones and true friends, having a plan in place for emergencies and relying on experts and professionals when we need support. If our home is on fire we call the fire department, if the electric is out we call the electric company and if your child is struggling with instruction or struggling emotionally, you should contact the experts … beginning with your child’s teacher.


    If your child’s teacher does not have the answer he/she will call the appropriate experts (tech department, school psychologist, social worker or administration). If you do not know who to call, just call the school and one of our skilled secretaries will connect you with the person you need. 


    Unlike Mr. Jobs, we are hoping that many of the decisions we are making right now are temporary. However, I am sure we will learn from this and take some good from this challenging situation. If all of us can do that, we will be stronger in the end.


    Michael Dodge