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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Brandt

I am the high school agriculture teacher. I am excited to be here and educate students about agriculture, technology, and how they impact our world! 

Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

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Phone: (585) 567-2251


  • 2019-2020 Class Schedule:

    1st Period – Planning/Independent Study 

    2nd Period – Ag. Leadership/Public Speaking

    3rd Period – Welding (1st half) Syllabus, Small Engines (2nd half) 

    4th Period – Environmental Science Syllabus

    5th Period – Introduction to Agriculture Syllabus

    6th Period – Lunch

    7th Period – Planning/Independent Study

    8th Period – Animal Science (1st half) Syllabus, Food Science (2nd half)

    9th Period – Ag. Mechanics

    Grading Policy:

    In the majority of agriculture courses, students are graded as follows:

    •10% Bellwork. A mixture of written and Flipgrid reflections to get students communicating effectively!

    •10% Current Events. Students will be responsible for up to 10 events per semester. Students will be chosen at random to present their findings.

    •10% Participation. Students willingness to interact during discussion, contribute to a positive class community, and display respectful behaviors.

    •40% Class activities/projects. The majority of the grades in any of these classes will come in the form of projects & activities.  Students are expected to show competency through completion of multi-faceted projects. Activities are completed in one class period and help to re-inforce concepts that are taught.  

    •15% Midterm. Does not look like a test! But, will be in the form of some type of project that assesses various topics we have covered.

    •15% Final. Does not look like a test! But, will be in the form of some type of project that assesses various topics we have covered. 

    Late Work Policy:

    Assignments are accepted late with a 5 point deduction. Delinquent assignments are accepted until the end of the quarter. There is no reason to have late assignments because time is given in class to complete everything, have questions answered, and create quality work.





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