• Fillmore Central School Health Office
    School Nurse:  Stacy Parmenter
    Room Number: C11
    Phone Number:  585/567-8584

    School Nurse



      All incoming 6th graders, who are eleven years or older, are required to have proof of having a Tdap vaccine and 2nd Varicella vaccine before the start of the school year.  If your child has not yet turned 11, an appointment date when your child will be receiving the immunization can be sent by your child's primary care physician's office.  Please send the required documentation to Stacy Parmenter FCS school nurse.

    • With out these immunization your child will not be permitted to attend school.


    Attention Parents Of Students In Grades K, 2, 4, 7, 10 and New Students
    NYS now request all students in Grades K, 2, 4, 7, 10 and all new students to provide the Health Office with a Dental Exam Certificate. Please call your child's dentist to arrange an appointment for an exam and return the certificate to your child's school nurse. The certificate is avaliable from the school nurse or the Health Office Forms link on the Health Office site.
    sick NYS requires physicals for all new students, Pre-K, K, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th graders.  Pre-K and Kindergarten students are required to have an up-to-date physical by thier primary care physician.  Please provide a copy of the physical and immunizations to the school nurse.  Grades 2, 4, 7 and 10 will have a physical with our school physician.
     When not to send your child to school
    If you suspect your child may be ill, please do NOT send him/her to school. We are committed to reducing the spread of infectious conditions and are not equipped to manage a sick child at school for any extended period of time.
    Some considerations:
    • a fever (100 degrees or greater) is present. A student's temperature should be normal without medication (Tylenol or Advil) for 24 hours before he or she returns to school.
    • the student has a cold with persistent heavy nasal discharge.
    • a persistent uncontrollable cough is present
    • vomiting occurs before school.
    • an unidentified rash is present
    • the student has a very painful sore throat or a sore throat lasting longer than 24-48 hours and is getting worse. (Note: Students who have a strep throat infection should take their prescribed antibiotics for a full 24 hours before returning to school. It takes 24 hours of an antibiotic regimen before the child is no longer contagious.)
    • He/she generally does not feel well.

    Your child's physician is the best source of information and advice in regard to your child's health or illness. You are also welcome to contact your school nurse.

    Please do not send students to school to be diagnosed.

    Do not administer medication to lower abnormal temperatures so that they may attend school. The risk of spreading an illness is detrimental to staff and students in the building.

    Also, please do not send sick students to school to take important exams and tell them they can go to the nurse after it is done. Students should be feeling well when they take exams. Taking exams when not feeling well will not benefit the student.

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    Absentee Procedures
    It is each student's basic responsibility as a member of the school community to be on time and attend all classes.  Daily telephone calls will be made to parents or guardians to confirm unreported absences. Children who are absent from school are not permitted to attend educational activities at school that day after school or that evening.
    If your child is absent New York State Law requires school notification explaning the absence.  Please call the school to explain your child's absence.  If you do not call a note will be needed to explain the absence.  If we do not recieve a phone call or a note your child's absence will be documented as an illegal absence.
    To report your child's absence:
    Please report your child's absence before 9am if possible.  You should include your child's name, grade and the reason for the absence. If your child is absent due to illness, please briefly share your child's symptoms.