• WELCOME to the Special Education and Pupil Services Department Page!

    Who are we? We are a group of educators at Fillmore dedicated to supporting students, families and staff. Our department consists of the following positions:

    • Director of Special Education, Carol McCarville;
    • CSE/CPSE/504 Chairperson, Melissa Washburn;
    • Grades 7-12 Guidance Counselor, Stephanie Cook;
    • School Psychologist, Annemarie Herzing;
    • Counselor, Michelle Russell;
    • Resilience Counselor/Home-School Liaison, Corita Schafer;
    • and School Social Worker, Haley Smith.

    Supporting us in our work is our Guidance/Special Education Secretary, Jen Wilcox. To reach any of us, please call (585) 567-2270. If you are unsure which of us will be the best person to help you, just ask Jen. She will help you find the right person to answer your questions!

    To learn more about each of us and our roles at Fillmore, please click on the link to the left.


    Grades 7-12 Test Accommodations Survey: Active through November 3, 2023