Welcome to the Fillmore Tech Page!

  • Fillmore students in grades PreK-12 are entering their 5th year of having an assigned device. All students in grades 5-12 are assigned a Dell laptop and a protective laptop case to use to complete course work during school and at home. All students in grades PreK-4 have an iPad that is also available to take home for class work if necessary.  

    To help support students and families, check out our Tech Support Links at the left or call us for help!

    Fillmore Tech Team:

    Betsy Hardy, Director of Educational Technology/District Data Coordinator/Data Privacy Officer

    585-567-2289 x 4120

    Mike Burr, Microcomputer Technician

    585-567-2289 x 4121

    Josh Haingray, Tech Office Assistant

    Help Desk 585-567-2289 x 4122



  • Have you restarted your device today?

    Remember: "A Restart A Day Keeps The Tech Office Away!"