Level 3 Curriculum Content

  • Level 2 Chapter 8:

    • describe life in the city vs. the country
    • the future tense
    • object pronouns with infinitives and gerunds

    Level 2 Chapter 9:

    • talk about cars and driving
    • give directions
    • affirmative tú commands,
    • the conditional 

    Level 3 Chapter 1:

    • talk about foods and food preparation
    • the subjunctive
    • formal commands
    • negative informal commands

    Chapter 2:

    • identify parts of the body
    • talk about exercise
    • talk about having a little accident and a trip to the emergency room
    • the subjunctive with impersonal expressions
    • the subjunctive with ojalá, quizás, tal vez
    • the subjunctive of stem-changing verbs
    • comparisons of like things- tan, tanto

    Chapter 3:

    • talk about passages of life: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, funerals
    • the subjunctive to express wishes
    • the subjunctive to express emotions
    • possessive pronouns

    Chapter 4:

    • talk about errands, household chores
    • the subjunctive with expressions of doubt and with adverbial clauses
    • the pluperfect, conditional perfect and future perfect tenses

    Chapter 5:

    • discuss manners, common courtesy
    • the imperfect subjunctive
    • the subjunctive vs. the infinitive
    • suffixes

    Additional topics may be covered in bits and pieces from Chapters 6-9 as needed in preparation for the final exam.