Level 2 Curriculum Content

  • Chapter 1:

    • talk about packing for a trip and getting to the airport
    • tell what you do at the airport 
    • tell about being on a plane
    • yo -go verbs in the present tense
    • present progressive tense

    Chapter 2:

    • identify parts of the body
    • talk about your daily routine
    • talk about backpacking and camping
    • reflexive verbs
    • commands with favor de

    Chapter 3:

    • use vocabulary related to train travel
    • the preterite of irregular verbs
    • the verb decir- present and preterite
    • prepositional pronouns

    Chapter 4:

    • order and pay for a meal at a restaurant
    • identify foods, eating utensils and dishes
    • stem-changing verbs in the present and preterite 
    • adjectives of nationality
    • the passive voice with se

    Chapter 5:

    • talk about several Hispanic holidays
    • regular and irregular forms o the imperfect tense

    Chapter 6:

    • talk about computers, the internet, and email
    • make and receive phone calls
    • the preterite vs. the imperfect tenses

    Chapter 7:

    • check into a hotel or hostel
    • ask for thing you may need while at a hotel or hostel
    • the present perfect tense
    • double object pronouns