fruit and veggies
    Teacher:  Ms. Amy Chiu Class: Family and Consumer Science
    Room #: C-123 Contact Info: 585-567-2289
    Welcome to Family and Consumer Science!  There is going to be a change this year.  6th graders will now be taking the finance course. We meet in a trimester (13 weeks). We discuss topics such as the history of money, the importance that trading had on our early society, needs vs wants, mortgages, and car loans.  We will discuss credit and credit scores.
    In 7th grade, during our semester together (20 weeks), we will be taking the American Red Cross Babysitting Course.  We will be learning about child development and how to take care of an infant and child.  We will learn about nutrition, kitchen safety, how to make healthy choices nutritionally and we will cook (at home). 
    The reason this change was made is so that we can have more time to complete the babysitting course and more time in the kitchen!