9-12 Physical Education
    Mr. Parks

    2018-2019 Physical Education Syllabus

    7th-12th Grade

    Mr. Parks


    Participation in regular physical activity leads to improvements in physical fitness and provides many important health benefits.  It is our goal to provide a wide variety of units that will help to improve an individual’s overall health through physical activity.  We will also be providing assessment in the form of fitness testing, heart rate evaluations and/or writing assignments/quizzes.  These practices allow us to assess each individual’s personal health and fitness as well as their cognitive and affective domains in a physical education setting.  We understand that everyone has different levels of physical abilities.  We do NOT expect that everyone is going to be a top level performer in everything we do.  We DO expect that everyone will participate to the BEST of their ability, show respect to everyone involved, follow class rules and maintain a safe and healthy environment. 

    Grading Breakdown:

    Participation 60%  

    Each class a daily participation grade of 100% can be earned.  To earn full credit you must simply be on time***, participate to the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY, show respect to everyone involved, follow class rules and maintain a safe and healthy environment.  Points can be deducted for poor effort or attitude, disrespect to classmates/teacher, poor language, unsafe actions/behavior and/or tardiness.    

    *** On team is defined as being changed for class and ready for attendance 3 mins after the second bell.

    If a class is missed for ANY reason:   Illness, lessons, field trip, appointments, etc. The student has 1 week to make up the class to receive 100%.  If the deadline is not met the student can receive a maximum of 80% participation provided it is made up by the end of the grading period. At that point, all missed classes are given a 0.  Special consideration can be given for extended medical absence. 

    A “0” given for reasons other than absences MAY NOT BE MADE UP





    Classes can only be made up in 1 of 2 ways and must be outside of your regular PE class. 

    -Writing a 1 page, double spaced summary of a PE related article.  


    -Completing the “Fruitdale” course(4.4 miles) on the expresso exercise bike in 1 class period

    Health, Hygiene & Dress 25%

    Participating in physical activity requires proper attire to be safe and proper hygiene to be healthy.  Each student must change into appropriate PE attire for each class.  This includes a T shirt, shorts/sweats/windpants and rubber soled (Tied) footwear.  Sandals and boots are unacceptable and unsafe.  Not changing out of sweaty clothes after physical activity is not a healthy practice.  Showers are available but not required.  It is also strongly recommended that students use deodorant.  If you are unable to bring your own, we will provide it for you upon request.

    If you do not change clothes for class, you will receive a HHD grade of a 0 for the day and you will lose 10 points of your HHD grade for the quarter.  After 5 instances of not changing, your HHD grade will be a 0 for the quarter.  ***You get one “Freebie” per quarter.

    Assessments 15%- At least once per quarter students will be assessed on their level of physical fitness and knowledge of physically active practices.  They will not be compared to others and can NOT fail this provided that they participate to the best of their ability.  This grade will largely be based on personal improvement that they show during fitnessgram testing and/or heart rate evaluations. 


    Each student will be assigned a locker to keep for the school year.  LEARN YOUR COMBINATION! If you forget your combination, you will be reminded of it TWICE.  After 2 times, it will cost your participation grade to get it.


    Improper behavior, poor language, vandalism, theft, poor cleanliness and bullying WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in the loss of an individual’s locker room privileges as well as a disciplinary referral.   Locker rooms are OFF LIMITS unless you are in a PE class or preparing for an athletic function.  PLEASE REPORT ANY instances you witness of the above.

    In Phys. Ed will be participating in all types of activities that involve physical fitness, life time activities, team building and individual and team sports.

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