Mrs. Campbell's Pre-K
        Phew!! these kiddos keep us on our toes! There have been days where it looks like a vibrating, frenzy or bodies in this room but this is a also a great time of year!
         We are beginning to hear many conversations between the students that indicate they are using their learning naturally and have mastered skills. There are conversations about partner numbers used to figure out how many students in bus lines or play centers.There are vocabulary words used to point out observations.There are many instances of comparing and contrasting. There are students seeing patterns everywhere! There are students excitedly pointing out words they know that are showing up in new places! We are consistently using sentences instead of one word answers and pointing. 
        It's rewarding to see learning that is becoming a springboard for independent problem solving, observation and communication.  We are powering through these last few weeks of winter (i'm probobly being optimistic).
    Teacher: Mrs. Denise Campbell
    classroom aide: Mrs. Amber Hopkins
    Email: dcampbell@fillmorecsd.org
    school phone: 567- 567-2251
    also available on class SeeSaw App

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