Level 1 Curriculum Content

  • Preliminary Lessons

    • greet people, say good-bye
    • express yourself politely
    • count to 100
    • identify the days of the week and the months of the year
    • find out and give the date
    • ask and tell the time
    • discuss the seasons and weather

    Chapter 1:

    • identify and describe people and things
    • tell where someone is from
    • tell what subjects you take and express opinions about them
    • nouns, adjectives, and articles
    • the verb ser
    • tú vs. usted

    Chapter 2:

    • talk about families and pets
    • describe a house or apartment including rooms and some furnishings
    • the verb tener
    • possessive adjectives

    Chapter 3:

    • tell what you do in school
    • identify some school clothes and school supplies
    • talk about what you and your friends do after school
    • present tense of -ar verbs
    • the verbs ir, dar, estar
    • the contractions al,del

    Chapter 4:

    • identify foods and discuss meals
    • talk about places where you eat
    • order food or a beverage
    • present tense of -er and -ir verbs
    • infinitive expressions- tener que, ir a, acabar de

    Chapter 5:

    • talk about sports
    • describe a soccer uniform
    • identify colors
    • present tense of stem-changing verbs
    • verbs gustar, interesar, aburrir

    Chapter 6:

    • describe people's personality, conditions, and emotions
    • explain minor illnesses
    • talk about a doctor's appointment
    • ser vs. estar
    • indirect object pronouns

    Chapter 7:

    • talk about summer and winter weather and activities
    • preterite tense of -ar verbs
    • preterite tense of ser and ir
    • direct object pronouns

    Chapter 8:

    • discuss concerts, movies, museums, parties
    • preterite of -er and -ir verbs
    • the verbs 0ír and leer in present and preterite
    • affirmative and negative words

    Chapter 9:

    • talk about buying clothes
    • talk about buying food
    • large numbers
    • present tense of saber and conocer
    • comparisons and superlatives
    • demonstrative adjectives and pronouns