Course Outline

  • Welcome to 7th Grade 

    Family and Consumer Science (formerly known as Home Ec) 




    Course Outline 


    Ms. Chiu Room C-123 

    Email: achiu@fillmorecsd.orgPhone: 567-2251 


    Welcome to Family and Consumer Science!  This course is a continuation of what was learned last year. We will focus in depth on health/nutrition, cooking and child care. Lessons are carefully presented in a fun and meaningful way through group projects, class discussions, and hands on activities. The students will also be participating in the American Red Cross Certification course in class and is eligible to receive the certificate. 


    In this course, you will explore: 

    • Kitchen and food sanitation, nutrition, making healthy food choices, and food preparation 
    • Child Care 
    • American Red Cross Babysitting Course 

    Grading Policy: 

    This course will be based on a number of aspects.  The breakdown will be as follows:   

    • Quizzes/Tests- 10% 
    • Projects- 50% 
    • Homework Assignments- 25% 
    • Participation- 15% 

    Kitchen Safety 

    The students will be using the kitchen at some point during the course.  Students will receive a mini kitchen safety course in class.  They must pass this “course” in order to be allowed to participate in kitchen activities.   

    I look forward to working with you this year!