• Please keep in mind that this is a babysitting experience!  This project is used for the experience of looking after children as one would in a babysitting job. 


    Real Care Baby Real Care Baby Introduction video 

     Letter to Participants Family


    Dear parents/guardians and family:

    Your student will soon experience many of the responsibilities required of the caregiver of a new infant.

    As a temporary caregiver, your student will care for RealCare Baby(Baby), a computerized infant simulator that must be supervised by your student at all time. Baby will cry and need to be fed, burped, rocked, and have its diapers changed. It is your students responsibility to tend to Babys needs. Baby is part of the RealityWorks Handle with Care: Basic Infant Care program and a project for our FACS class.  A small computer inside the baby is programmed to follow actual schedules of different newborns. Baby may need your student to care for it at inconvenient times.

    This project will be completed after they successfully pass the American Red Cross Babysitting course. Your student will be graded on learning how to keep baby happy, their understanding of the full-time commitment of child care, their persistence (getting through the care stimulation without quitting), the care and condition of Baby and supplies, and returning everything to the school on time. Incidences of neglect, head support failure, shaking, rough handling, wrong position, no diaper, and other functions are recorded by Baby's computer and will lower your students grade. Some of these behaviors will produce intensive crying that your student should learn to avoid. This intense crying can be stopped by rocking Baby.  

    Your student will wear a waterproof, hospital-type wristband with a unique ID that must be present whenever your student is caring for the baby. Without the ID, the baby will not accept care. The wristband must be in good condition and still on your students' wrist when baby is returned. You can help by providing emotional support and treating baby as if it were real. Offer advice, but your student should do the actual work of caring for the baby.  

    The RealCare Baby infant simulator uses computerized technology and represents a substantial investment by BOCES and the FACS department at Fillmore Central School. We ask that you take special care of the babies. Please be sure that all the materials are returned on Monday morning or the next morning there is school.  

    Thank you for your patience and support in making this project a learning experience for your student! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

    Mrs. Amy Chiu 

    Fillmore Central School 

    FACS Instructor 






    Statement of Understanding & Support 

    A response from you is requested. Please read these statements and sign below to indicate your understanding and support of this class project: 

    The Realityworks Handle with Care: Basic Infant Care Program will require the participant to be the sole caretaker of the RealCare Baby infant simulator, whose sounds and behaviors replicate those of an infant. The experience is intended to demonstrate to the participant the full-time commitment required of the caregiver of a new infant. 

    The RealCare Baby infant stimulator requires care through the day and night. When Baby cries, it will be the responsibility of the participant to attend to its needs.  

    I am aware of all safety precautions the participant must be aware of while caring for the RealCare Baby infant stimulator

    The RealCare Baby infant simulator uses computerized technology and represents a substantial investment by CA BOCES and FCS. If the RealCare Baby infant stimulator and supplies are abused, damaged, or lost while in the participants possession, there could be a charge. 

    Please sign below: 

    I understand ___________________________ responsibilities and agree to support

    Participants name 

    him/her while participating in the care simulation with Real Care Baby infant simulator. 

    Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________________