• Position Papers

    Position papers will be an essential part of this course.  As future college students it is critical that you learn to communicate opinions in many different ways.  Position papers will give you a chance to hone your writing skills in this area.  There are seven different paper topics for the fall semester.  You will be required to thoroughly address six of them with a well constructed and reasoned paper of at least on typewritten page (single spaced, font size 10) in length.  All paper topics are based on in class readings as well as textbook assignments.  The teacher reserves the right to alter paper topics as necessary.  Any insufficient papers will not be accepted, and therefore will not count.  Late papers, also, will not be accepted.  Additionally, students may be asked to present and defend papers in class…be prepared.  Six position papers will carry the same weight as the 4 unit tests.  All papers need to have copies of resources used attached to them.

    Paper Topics
    1 Who discovered America?
    2 What is the legacy of Columbus?
    3 What should be the role of religion in society?
    4 Was the American Revolution justified?
    5 Strict vs. Loose Interpretation-what is the Constitution?
    6 Who was Thomas Jefferson? (Private lives of public leaders…)
    7 Slavery vs. Industry-which was more abusive of labor?