Geometry Homework, Testing and Grading Policy



    As with most things in life, in Geometry one can only improve efficiency and understanding through repetition and practice.  Therefore, Geometry students can anticipate 45-60 minutes of assigned homework on a daily basis. 

    -Homework will generally be graded on the day it is due, in class.

    -Late homework will not be accepted, though students are encouraged to meet with Mr. Crouch after class to discuss any late assignments on the day they were due.

    -Students who are absent unexpectedly from class are expected to get assignments for days absent when they return to class.  Students will be expected to hand in assignments in a reasonable time upon their return to class.

    -As per the FCS Student Handbook, students who know in advance that they will be absent, are expected to get their assignments in advance of the absence.  Failure to do so, will be interpreted as late homework, and will not be accepted.



    In the first semester, students will be given tests every 3-5 weeks. 

    -Tests will be cumulative, meaning any concept we have covered in class from previous units is "fair game." 

    -Tests will be available for students to begin working on at the beginning of each unit...meaning students can come to my room at anytime (before or after school, or anytime during the day) and work on the exam.  Students may also work in the room of another teacher if circumstances necessitate. 

    -Exams will be due on a given date, at the end of the unit.  Though, students will generally be allotted some class time to work on exams, most will find it necessary to spend at least some time outside of class, on the test, to complete it. 

    -Students will be allowed to ask questions and receive limited help from me on the exams during the first semester. 

    -Any exams not completed by the due date (barring legal absence, or illness) will be graded as is, with no "makeups."

    In the second semester, exams will be Geometry Regents from previous years.  They will be issued every 2-3 weeksin the same format, with the same procedure as the tests from the first semester.  



    Quarterly grades will be calculated as possible:

    30% Homework

    30% Quizzes

    40% Tests

    Class participation and overall effort may also be considered in final grades.