• Cloudy, weather, shands joined around spinning world.ign language
    We will be learning sign language throughout the year and will update this list of new words we have learned each month.  Below are some sites which may help you decipher what your child is trying to show you or trying to recall. Please note that sign language can differ slightly from site to site, book to book, geographic area to geographic area (like language dialects!) so if your child insists its different than the sites show it may very well be!!
    September signs: toilet, weather, day, sunny, pay attention, I love you, sad, windy, 
    October: happy, mad, proud, slow, stop, yes, no, butterfly, caterpillar, cloudy
    NOvember: please, thank you, wait, eat, cake, banana, cookie, rainy, sit, walk,
    December: foggy, snowy, cold, 
    January: cat, dog, spider, pay attention, 
    February: bug, ladybug, fly, bee, fish, bird,