• Fillmore Central School receives federal funding to supplement programs under the No Child Left Behind Legislation. The following chart outlines current Title grant programs in Fillmore.
    Title I
    Title I provides financial assistance to school districts for educational services to children and youth in at-risk populations. 
    Title IIA
    Title II, Part A - Teacher and Principal Recruitment and Training combines the former Eisenhower Professional Development and Class-Size Reduction programs into one program that focuses on preparing, training, and recruiting high-quality teachers.  The district mentoring program is being funded through this program.
    Title IID
    Title IID Technology Integration allocations increase equipment and professional development to increase technology integration in classrooms.
    Title IV
    Title IV, Part A - Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities allocations are for drug and violence prevention.  The district character education program and SADD activities are funded through this program.
    Title VI
    Title VI, Part B - Rural and Low-Income Schools Program is a new program to provide additional funds to rural districts that serve concentrations of poor students but are ineligible to participate in the Small, Rural School Achievement program.