• Academic intervention services (AIS) means additional instruction which supplements the instruction provided in the general curriculum and assists students in meeting the State learning standards as defined in subdivision (t) of this section and/or student support services which may include guidance, counseling, attendance, and study skills which are needed to support improved academic performance; provided that such services shall not include services provided to students with limited English proficiency pursuant to Part 154 of this Title or special education services and programs as defined in Education Law, section 4401(1) and (2).

    Academic intervention services are intended to assist students who are at risk of not achieving the State learning standards in English language arts, mathematics, social studies and/or science, or who are at risk of not gaining the knowledge and skills needed to meet or exceed designated performance levels on State assessments. Academic intervention services shall be made available to students with disabilities on the same basis as nondisabled students, provided, however, that such services shall be provided to the extent consistent with the individualized education program developed for such student pursuant to section 4402 of the Education Law.

    Fillmore Approach to Intervention Services


    • Federal and state education departments have set the “target” year for all students to be proficient in reading and math by the year 2014.
    • Everyone in the district must work together to provide services to all students.
    • To accomplish this, district personnel must understand the District’s philosophy and approach to service delivery.
    • All students are required to be assessed in grades 3-8 in ELA and math annually and twice in science and social studies (Grades 4 & 8)
    • Students with severe disabilities may be recommended for the NYSAA by the CSE; however, proficiency is still the target.

    Provision of Academic Intervention Services at Fillmore Central

    1. How are students identified for academic intervention services (AIS)?

    Students in Fillmore are identified for AIS services in the following ways:

    • A student achieves at a Level 1 or 2 on a NYS assessment.
    • A student does not pass a Regents exam.
    • A student achieves below standard on District assessments (example: AIMSweb).
    • The district CAST recommends AIS services.
    • A classroom teacher recommends AIS services for struggling students.

    2. What AIS services are available at Fillmore?

    • Classroom progress monitoring
    • AIS labs
    • Remedial services
    • Strategic Intervention Services
    • Fast ForWord
    • Special Education services

    3. How do students get out of AIS?

    • Achieve a Level 3 or 4 on the NYS ELA and/ or math assessment
    • Pass the Regents exam
    • Review of progress data, recommended by a teacher
    • CAST recommendation
    • CSE recommendation
    • Successful classroom performance

    4. What New York State Regulations guide the implementation of AIS?

    • New York State Commissioner’s Part 100 Regulations established the guidelines for AIS services.