Revolutionary War Battle



                We are getting into a really interesting time in American history.  The Revolutionary War set the stage for our great country.  There were numerous important battles during this freedom gaining war.

                You will be choosing (1) one battle from the provided list.  The finished project will be a 8 ½ X 11 piece of printer paper.  The poster needs to contain the following:

                            -title of the battle

                            -hand drawn map of the battle

                            -troops sizes and casualties (from all sides)

                            -generals/leaders (from all sides)

                            -date of battle

    -outcome (who won)


    Battle at Bennington                                       Battle at Brandywine

    Battle at Bunker Hill                                           Battle at Camden

    Battle of the Cowpens                                       Battle at Germantown

    Battle of King's Mountain                               Battle of Long Island

    Battle at Monmouth                                Battle of Quebec

    Battle at Princeton                                                  Battle at Yorktown

    Battle at Saratoga                                                Battle of Trenton

    Battle of White Plains                                     Winter at Valley Forge

    Battle at Lexington and Concord                    Battle at the Guilford State House