Revolutionary War Women

    Word document: Research and Summary


         Throughout history, women have played an important; although often unknown; role.  During the Revolutionary War period, many women risked their safety for the cause that they believed in.  Below is a partial list of some of these brave ladies.


          Pick a name and please do the following:

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                                 -a minimum of 5 interesting facts (focus on their bravery during the war period)

                                 -a typed summary paragraph developed from your facts where you focus

                                  on your ELA skills J

                                 -an image/picture of your person (copy and paste from the internet)

                                 -a title on the top of your document (explore fonts and the tool bar at the top)

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    List of Women:

    Patience Wright                                                                     Mary Draper                            

    Agent 355                                                                                 Lydia Darragh

    Sybil Ludington                                                                      Abigail Adams

    Esther Deberdt Reed                                                           Deborah Sampson

    Prudence Wright                                                                   Mercy Otis Warren

    Betsy Dowdy                                                                           Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig)

    Martha Washington                                                             Anna Smith Strong

    Kate Barry                                                                                Betsy Ross

    Nancy Hart                                                                               Ann Bates