• Um…It’s All Greek to Me

    6th Grade Project

    Project description:

              Ah!  The amazing city-states of ancient Greece, from the war-like Spartans to the democratic thinking Athenians!!  Their myths are legendary.  Modern countries govern by their early example.  Famous buildings still display the awesome early Greek architectural designs.  So much to learn…where to start?

    The project:

              Construct a well-designed project in which you adequately discuss and explain your topic to the BEST of your ability.  The project can be a written report, poster, skit, PowerPoint, etc.  Check with you teacher for additional ideas.

              Use a variety of resources: encyclopedias, trade books, internet, etc.  Be accurate in your research.  Spelling is important.  Plan your project out and allot enough time to complete it!!

              Sample topics are found on the reverse side of this paper.  Please choose one and take off with your learning.



    DUE DATE: ______________________





    The Olympic Games                                      Mythology choices:

    Science and Medicine                                              -Heroes/Heroines

    Life in ancient Greece                                              -Monsters

    Athens                                                                      -Trojan War

    Sparta                                                                       -Hercules

    Military strategy/weapons                                     -The Underworld

    Persian Wars                                                            -Mt. Olympus

    Alexander the Great                                                 -mythical creatures

    Philosophers (Socrates, Plato,                                  -Gods

                                   Aristotle)                                   -Goddesses

    Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

    Greek architecture and temples


    Food and diet