• Roman Emperors

    Augustus Caesar was the first official emperor of Rome.  He is often remembered as a great ruler and many tried to rule as he did.  Some were successful and others fell way short.  Below is a partial list of Roman emperors (some great, some horrible).


             Augustus Caesar                                 Nerva

             Caligula                                                 Tiberius

             Nero                                                      Vespasian

             Titus                                                      Domitian

             Trajan                                                    Antoninus Pius

             Commodus                                            Hadrian

             Constantine the Great                        Diocletian

             Marcus Aurelius                                  Septimus Severus

             Vitellius                                                 Justinian I










             Please find the following information about your chosen emperor.

    1. Emperor’s full name
    2. Birth/Death years
    3. Years of reign (rule as emperor)
    4. Famous/remembered for (3-5 facts) This is the most

                important part.  Add lots of interesting details!! J

    1. picture of emperor


    Construct a Word document to include all of the above information.  Format and style is up to you.  Please email your completed document to me.



    Can’t wait to see what you discover about your emperor!!