• September 2023

    Ever-Fi On-Line Course

    You will have at least one course to complete this year. 

    Health 10 CODE:  aa3664f2

    Alcohol EDU 



    Due Date: probably by the end of October 2023.  Lots of reminders and minimal classtime will be given.

    The course takes about 3.5 hours to complete, so do not leave until the last minute!

    (Be sure to have ear buds or headphones with you if you are going to be working on this in study hall 

    You need to create a user name and password yourself ( we will do together in class)

    1) Go to everfi.com

    2) Click on log in (upper right)

    3) scroll to the middle of the page, and click on ever fi log in K-12 (on the left)

    4) then you have an option to either log in or register.  you will need to register.

    5) Put in course code, click next 

    6) Put in user name and password, email not required, and you can make up the birth date

    user name: (first initial, last name health23 (no spaces)

    password: eagles23

    For example: user name: achiuhealth23, then eagles23 for the password 

    Please use your real name, no nicknames please.  I will not be able to give you a grade if I do not know who you are!

    I can see when you have completed the course, and I can see how you have done on the modules. This is how you will receive a grade.