Social Worker

    My responsibilities as a social worker at FCS include services to students, families, and staff. I will be providing individual and group counseling for children experiencing concerns in school, home, or community.  Also, will be providing information to students and their families on resources available to them throughout the school system and community. 

    Part of my social worker responsibilities include providing information to parents about the school’s procedures, academic programs, special events to attend at school, and community resources. In the link below you can find different community resouces such as mental health counseling, family support services, houseing services, etc.

    I will be responsible in conducting meetings at school or households for parents/guardians who need assistance in completing specific forms for school or community support. Additional home visits can be made as needed.  When needed families can contact me to arrange transportation to special events and appointments.  

    When working with staff; I will offer collaboration, consultation, and coordinating action plans to early identify student concerns.  

     If you have any questions about these roles or are interested in any of these services listed, please feel free to contact me at (585)567-2270 , cell (716)244-7705 or kbailey@fillmore.csd.org. 

     I look forward to working with you and your student!  


    Miss Bailey, LMSW