• Online Bullying Report Directions  for Parents and Students

    (Teachers please use hard copy reporting form available on the website in Teacher Forms)
    BULLYING is:  purposeful actions or statements targeting an individual
    or group with the intention of doing emotional or physical harm.    
    FCS ABC Group 2012

    Fillmore Central School takes bullying very seriously. To stop bullying from happening, we need to know what is happening, where it is happening, and who is involved. Incidents of bullying can be reported to teachers, counselors, administrators, and online.

    Please complete the online form to report bullying electronically by following the directions below:
          Read all directions first because once you click on the link they will no longer be shown.

    1.      Click this web link:  http://www4.quecentre.com/fillmorecsd/Login.aspx

                   This will open Que Center, the software program being used for the bullying report system.

    2.      Log in to the system: All users will have the same generic login and password:

    Username:      Iwasbullied

    Password:      bullied

    3.      Complete all parts of the form:

    a.       Use the drop down arrows to select the exact location of the bullying incident(s).

    b.      Type in a description of the bullying incident.

    c.       Change the status to New Bullying Report. (This will open up the remaining fields of the report.)

    d.      Complete the additional information part of the report.

                                                                  i.      Person completing the report

                                                                 ii.      Date the bullying happened

                                                               iii.      Name of the student who was bullied

                                                               iv.      Other dates bullying occurred (if known)

                                                                v.      Identify who was involved in the bullying

                                                               vi.      Indicate if the bullying was previously reported to school personnel and to whom

    4.      Click Save at the top of the report.

    • Your bullying report will be e-mailed to the Dignity for All Students Act Coordinators and Building Principals.
    • You will be contacted within 48 hours by the staff person investigating the report.

    If you not been contacted within 2 school days of submitting the report, Please call a DASA Coordinator (Kelly LaFever, PK-6 or Bill Kelley, 7-12) at 567-2270 to be sure the report was received and is being investigated.