5th Grade ELA News  & Special Projects
    Please Note: Students should always have their independent reading book with them in ELA class.  They will be spending free time reading if their homework is completed during class time.
    We will be reading several novels during the school year.  At the end of each novel, there will usually be a project assigned.  Students will know well in advance when projects will be assigned and when they will be due.
    We will also be completing 4 New York State ELA Modules during which we will be reading texts, articles, and other documents.  At the end of each module, there may be a project assigned.
    Independent reading books/Book It! program: students will be reading and responding to texts throughout the year.  Beginning in October, students will read a textbook each month.  Reader response logs will be completed weekly, and a end of book assessment and AR quiz will be completed.