Health 8 

    Mrs. Chiu  

    Objective: The middle school health curriculum is designed to create an environment of student centered learning. Students will be responsible for finding information through research and developing projects to demonstrate their level of understanding. Students are encouraged to explore their own health and develop areas that need improvement.

    Health Topics: 

    1. Building Healthy Skills (Character Education)
    1. Living a Healthy Life (Mental Health, risk taking) 
    1. Nutrition & Your Health (Fad diets, Eating Disorders, eating healthy, Disease) 
    1. Physical Activity and Fitness 
    1. Family Living (Male/Female Anatomy, Puberty, Fetal Development, Birth) 
    1. Chemical Dependency (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, OTC medications) 
    1. Non-Communicable and Communicable Diseases and Disorders 
    1. Healthy Relationships 


    Class Participation/Preparation: 20% 

    Participation is vital in every health education class. Each student is expected to participate when called upon by the teacher or fellow classmate. Failure to participate will result in loss of points for class participation. This includes coming to class prepared with laptop everyday and that is is charged.

    Homework: 20% 

    Homework is not given daily, but will be given. Students are responsible to hand in all homework on the day it is due. Homework will be accepted late. Late homework will be given a 10 point deduction for each day missed.

    Tests 20%

    Unit tests will cover ALL information presented either by the teacher, movie, or students. If a student is absent the day of a test, they will take the test on the next day that they have health.

    Projects 40% 

    Projects are an important component of Health class.  Several will be assigned throughout the year. 

    Final Exam: 

    The final exam is a cumulative exam, in which questions from all other tests may be used in creating the final exam. 

    Late and Tardy: 

    Students are responsible for arriving to class on time. If a student is late, they must come to class with a pass. Chronic lateness will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

    Cell Phones:

    Cell Phone usage during class is strictly prohibited. Cell phones must be turned off and placed face down on your workspace. There are occasions when the student's may use their phones for research with prior teacher permission. In accordance with the student's handbook, the following actions will be issued 

    1st Offense- warning

    2nd +3rd Offense- Phone taken to Principal and Left up to the discretion of the main office.

    Discipline Policy:

    Step 1: Verbal Warning

    Step 2: Personal Conference (Pulled Aside) 

    Step 3: Phone Call Home, Referral 

    Step 4: Dismissal from class and referral 

    Health Classroom Rules:  are being addressed in a separate activity. 


    I have looked over the syllabus and hereby signing on the lines below understands what is expected of me and choose to abide by the rules of the class. Please print and sign below and return this section the teacher. 

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