Position Name Phone Email Web Page Secretary
Superintendent Mr. Michael Dodge 585-567-2251 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Susan Abbott
PreK-6 Principal/Director of Curriculum & Instruction Chelsey Aylor 585-567-4432 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Lacie Fuller
7-12 Principal, COVID Safety Coordinator Eric Talbot 585-567-2289 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Michelle Harding
Business Manager Joe Butler 585-567-2259 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Heidi Rose & Deirdre Pfuntner
Guidance Counselor Stephanie Cook 585-567-2270 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Jennifer Wilcox
Director of Special Education, CSE Chairperson 585-567-2270 @fillmorecsd.org Jennifer Wilcox
Director of Technology/District Data Coordinator Betsy Hardy 585-567-2251 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Rebecca Sisson
Athletic Director Jon Beardsley 585-567-2251 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link
Administrative Assistant, Substitute Coordinator Tina Speicher 585-567-8524 @fillmorecsd.org
Director of Transportation Chad Potter 585-567-2276 @fillmorecsd.org
Health Office Stacy Parmenter & Carrie Hinz 585-567-8584 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link
School Psychologist 585-567-2270 @fillmorecsd.org Website Link Jennifer Wilcox