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First Week Updates and Reminders

First Week Updates and Reminders

First Day of School:

  • 3PK/UPK students have a scheduled screening/visitation time on either Wednesday or Thursday that was mailed home. If you are unsure of your scheduled time please call the K-6 office. Friday, September 3rd will be their first day of class.
  • Kindergarten students have a scheduled visitation time on Wednesday. Their first day of class will be Thursday, September 2nd.
  • All 1st-12th grade students will begin on Wednesday, September 1st.


Drop Off procedures:

Walkers/ Family drop off

  • All students entering the building before 8:00 must go to the cafeteria.
    • No students will be permitted in the PK-6 hallways before 8:00.
  • Students who walk to school should enter the building through the main office door.
  • K-12 Students who are dropped off at school should use the student drop off loop on Lowell Street and should be dropped off at 8:00. 3PK/UPK students being dropped off in the loop should be dropped off at 8:10.
    • Families should not park in the drop off area.
  • Families who wish to walk their child into the building should park in the parking lot, enter through the main office door and say goodbye to their child at the front door.

Bus Riders

  • Students who ride a bus will remain on the bus until 8:00 and will go directly to their classrooms.
  • All bus riders in grades PK-6 must enter the building by the preschool entrance.
  • All students will be given an opportunity for breakfast after entering their classroom.


Pick Up Procedures:

AM PK students will be picked up in the student drop off loop at 11:15.

All other students will be picked up at the main doors. Parents will not be allowed past the vestibule doors. An aide will be there to check the students out to you.