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Transition to 4 Days a Week

Dear Families,

We are happy to be welcoming back most of our students soon for four days a week (Monday-Thursday) of in-person learning. 

  • On April 12th, our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students will return.
  • On April 19th, our 4th through 12th grade students will return.
  • 3PK and PreK students will remain on a hybrid schedule.

As we transition to four days a week of in-person instruction, this will have other effects as well.  Our virtual students will have an increased workload.  Kindergarten through 6th grade teachers will be in contact with virtual families to relay expectations and schedules.  Students in 7th through 12th grade will have a full daily schedule that will be mailed to you before the 19th.  The times for some of your classes will likely change.  Making these changes to classroom arrangements and schedules is a difficult task.  In order to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff as well as maximizing academic instructional time, any changes from virtual to in-person learning or vice versa must be made by April 30th.   No changes will be made after this date.

In classrooms, students can be seated as close as 3 feet apart.  When this occurs, masks will need to be worn during our class periods.  Teachers will provide mask breaks throughout the day.  When students are seated 6 feet apart or separated by barriers, masks do not need to be worn.  Also, as the temperatures increase, it is important to stay hydrated.  Please send in a water bottle with your child daily.  If you do not have a refillable water bottle, please contact Miss Bailey in our guidance office. 

We look forward to seeing our students four days a week soon!