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Information on Virtual Learning

July 27, 2020

Dear Families,

Our priority remains the health and safety of our children and our staff. We will be opening schools this fall using guidance provided by New York State officials and grounded in research of best health and safety practices. Fillmore has been working diligently to create a reopening plan. Over this time, surveys were sent to gather input on reopening. We have also received feedback from a number of people in a variety of ways. The data we collected from surveys has been helping to create our reopening plans. We realize that this is a very emotional topic and take the decision-making process very seriously.  

We recently received guidance from the Governor, NYS Department of Health and New York State Education Department (NYSED) on how to safely reopen our schools. School districts must create reopening plans using this guidance and submit them to NYSED by July 31. On or about August 7th Governor Cuomo will make his decision regarding schools opening in each region.

Per NYS Guidance, Fillmore will be:

  • Physical distancing of six feet, or wearing masks, or using a barrier. Masks will be required for staff and students, under the given guidance, during transitions, in common areas and when they cannot otherwise be six feet apart
  • When possible, placing students in cohorts that move together
  • Reducing numbers of students in classrooms to ensure six-foot distancing, and reducing transitions when possible
  • Putting in place additional disinfecting protocols and realigned systems to ensure greater safety. Families and staff will be required to perform temperature checks prior to coming to school each day
  • Reducing shared materials and facilities

At this time, Fillmore is planning to reopen in September under a Hybrid model. This means that students would engage in both in-person and remote learning. Students would be split into two groups. One group would receive in-person instruction on Monday and Wednesday. The other groups would be in-person on Tuesday and Thursday. Students attending in-person will attend from 8am to 2pm. The school will make its best effort to put students living in the same household on the same scheduled day. On the days that your child is not in school they will be provided with virtual instruction or independent assignments from their teachers. Students will be engaged in learning five days a week. Due to already reduced class sizes, some populations within the school (CTE students, students in self-contained classrooms, etc.) will be returning daily and these families will be notified of this in the near future, as plans are finalized and approved.

We are aware that for some family situations, due to health concerns, etc., the model outlined above may not be doable. We are offering a virtual learning option per family choice. This is a full-time online option for those who are unable to return to school for medical reasons and/or general discomfort. This will be a credit-bearing option offered to any student/family interested. We anticipate this commitment being long-term for a family. If a family chooses virtual learning, the curriculum, assignments and instruction will be given by or assigned by a Fillmore teacher. Families that choose all virtual will hold the responsibility of ensuring your child have access to viable internet at home or in the various wifi locations supported by the school or cooperating community organizations. Virtual learning will occur during the school day and participating children will be considered Fillmore students and be graded as so.

Virtual learning is different than home schooling. If a family chooses to home school, all curriculum, course work, assessments and grading is provided by the family. Parents homeschooling students are required to follow Part 100.10 regulations and provide the District with written notification of their intent to home school. At the time of this notification the child is no longer considered a Fillmore student.

This letter is only a summary of the full plan. The full plan will be posted on the district website on July 31. The district will be providing families with multiple communications throughout the summer to detail the day-to-day operations for you and your child.

As we plan for the start of school, we are soliciting specific information relative to fall registration. In order to appropriately distribute classes and transportation we need you to determine if your child will be attending the in-person Hybrid model for schooling or utilizing the virtual learning option.

If your child will be attending school under the hybrid model no further action is needed at this time. If you are choosing for your child to participate virtually please complete the attached form and return it to the school by August 7th. To return the form you may drop it off at the district office, mail it to the school attention Susan Abbott or email it to

Thank you in advance for your attention to this important information. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the administrative team with any questions or concerns.


Mr. Michael Dodge

Mrs. Chelsey Aylor
PK-6 Principal/Director of Curriculum

Mr. Eric Talbot
7-12 Principal

Virtual Learning Notice PDF Form (Microsoft Word Document)