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FCS Virtual Arts Festival

Happy FCS Arts Fest 2020. Welcome to our Virtual Interactive Art Festival. Each object in the room is linked to a video we'd like to share with you. Click around and enjoy. If you'd like a list of what the objects are linked to check out our comments.


If you’d like to know what you are clicking on here is a list:

Student Artwork Exhibits- Doors

Bye Bye Birdie Solo Performances:
Cortney Beardsley-Pocketbook
Julia Colombo-Roses
Hannah Roeske-Mirror
Patrick DiRienzo-Conrad Poster

Student Art Tutorial Videos
The Miller Sisters-Chalk
Hannah Roeske- Watercolor Set
Zoe Beardsley- “Home is where the Art is” Poster
Kieran Kelley-Fabric
Hannah Dunmire-Camera

Student Art Book Reading
Amelia Pastorius-Mouse Paint Book
Evelyn Chapman-The Noisy Paintbox Book
Elliott Linderman- It Looked Like Spilt Milk Book
Carter Benson- Sky Color Book

Mrs. Reding’s FCS HS Choir “Amazing” Performance-Microphone

Mrs. Chapman’s FCS Instrumental Solo Performances-
Tyler Boynton-Trumpet
The Willgens Sisters-Euphonium
Andrew Hotchkiss- Music Stand

Art Tutorials by The Earley Girls and Miss Brown
Toilet Paper, Mallet, Plastic Cup, Glue, Crayons, Dice