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2020 FCS Yearbook Information

Buying a 2020 FCS Yearbook online!
The 2020 FCS yearbook may be purchase online now!   Go to   You CAN NOT turn boxtops in with your online purchase.  If you have boxtops to turn in, you still need to send your yearbook order, with your boxtops, into the school using the regular 2020 yearbook order.  Send to the following address:    Adrene Reding, Fillmore Central School, Box 177, 104 West Main st., Fillmore, NY 14735 
ATTENTION SENIORS:  Your senior class is purchasing a 2020 yearbook for each member.  If you want your name stamped on the front, you must pay the cost of $5.42 for the name stamping.   The money must be sent into the school and received by May 15.  Make checks out to Fillmore Central School.  Please include the name that you want stamped on the front of your book. Send the name and money to the address above.  
ATTENTION ALL FILLMORE CENTRAL SCHOOL FAMILIES: The Fillmore Central School yearbook staff is still looking for lots more pictures of how everyone(all grades and families) is spending their school time at home during these last months of this school year.  Text or email the pictures to Mrs. Reding   (585-322-2161   Please include the first and last names of the individuals in the picture and a short explanation of what is happening in the picture.  This year's yearbook will have a section dedicated to this unique situation and would truly like to include pictures from many families.
Electronically Submitted Boxtops Now Accepted for 2020 FCS Yearbook Orders
The yearbook is now accepting SCANNED BOXTOPS! 
Steps to follow to submit your scanned boxtops are included below.  (The yearbook is still accepting actual boxtops handed in with yearbook orders.)
  1. Go to appt store and download free Boxtops for Education App.
  2. Sign in and start scanning your recipes.  You can scan a receipt up to 14 days after receiving it.
  3. When you open your App, you will find your earnings.
  4. Take a screen shot of your current electronic earnings with your name at the top. 
  5. Include a printed copy of that screen shot with your yearbook order giving you credit for your boxtop electronic earnings or email or text me the screen shot of your boxtop electronic earnings and I will register your earnings towards your yearbook cost.   I will let you know I received your screen shot and that you have received credit towards your yearbook cost.                         
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.      585-322-2161
Mrs. Adrene Reding, FCS Yearbook Advisor
PS: If you have already sent in your yearbook order and you would like to use your electronically scanned boxtops to still get money offer your 2020 yearbook order, please call me.