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Senior Spotlights

Andrew Hotchkiss

It is only fitting that our first senior spotlight be this year’s Valedictorian, Andrew Hotchkiss. Andrew is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors and mastery in Math and Science. During his time at FCS, Andrew has participated in Trap Club, Scholastic Challenge, Band, Choir, NHS and NTHS. His favorite memory of FCS was spending every lunch period in Mrs. Reding’s room with hisfriends. Andrew has received the Globetrotter Award, Baush &Lomb Science Award, and Standard Bearer. He plans on attending Houghton College for Applied Physics and Math.

When asked about Andrew there was high praise all around. Mr. Vosburg said, “There are few students who work as hard as Andrew.  Whether it be coming in outside of class for extra help on a topic or meeting with me on his own time for SAT prep, it comes as no surprise that his no-quit attitude has led him to success time and time again.  Not even serious back surgery a few winters ago could keep him from his studies, meeting with me to get caught up on the Algebra II work he missed only days after having a rod fused to his spine.  Simply put, his perseverance and grit in the face of adversity are character traits that will lead him to success no matter what he pursues in life.”

Mr. Witkowski added that Andrew is, “One of the most dedicated students of Science. He always went above and beyond with Physics lab write-ups and looked forward to constructive criticism to be able to improve.  He is a most humble student, who made an effort to collaborate with other students around him regardless of how well they did in class.  He was not afraid to put in time and detail on class concepts and assignments that others would ignore. He was a student that made any class he was in better by his friendly and assured demeanor.  I am looking forward to seeing him do well at Houghton College and how he will no doubt make the world a much better place for us all.”

Levi Webb

Our next senior spotlight is our Salutatorian, Levi Webb.  Levi is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors and Mastery in Math and Science.  During his time at FCS, Levi has participated in numerous sports and extra-curricular activities.  Levi was an Allegany County All Star in Soccer in 10th through 12th grade.  In Tennis, he earned All Star status in 8th through 11th grade.  Levi also served as Class President, Student Council Treasurer, Awards Committee Treasurer as well as participating in FROGS, Scholastic Challenge, Choir, Band, NHS, and Drama Club.  His favorite memory of FCS was going to the State Final Four in Soccer.  Levi has received the IAABO 50 Scholarship and the Allegany County Foundation Scholarship.  He plans on attending Houghton College with an undecided major.  Levi will also be playing Soccer and Tennis at Houghton. 

Levi’s teachers wanted to share their admiration of him.  Mr. Crouch said, “Levi is the quintessential Renaissance man. He is a valued citizen, accomplished athlete, talented musician, gifted thespian and brilliant student. He embodies the well-rounded excellence FCS strives for.”

Mrs. Ellsworth added, “Levi is an exceptional young man. As a teacher I have appreciated his positive attitude and quick chats as I see him walking down the halls. As a parent I cannot thank him enough for taking my son under his wing on the Varsity Soccer Team the past two years. The integrity and determination this young man displays is admirable. No matter where or when I encounter Levi he is always an exceptional leader and role model for all around him. As both a teacher and parent I cannot thank him enough for this.”

Kainan Beardsley

Kainan Beardsley is graduating with a Regents Diploma. Kainan is an active member in the FFA and participated in baseball and wrestling. His favorite memory of FCS was going to Nationals with the FFA Dairy Judging Team. Kainan plans on attending SUNY Morrisville for Animal Science.

Mr. Witkowski described Kainan as, “Constantly dependable.  Even in tough times, Kainan is always willing to work hard when others would simply quit.  It doesn't matter whether it is in the classroom, or on the wrestling mat, Kainan is there every day trying to make the most of his opportunities.  His ability to get along with everyone, and willingness to work with anybody make him an extremely valuable member of the Class of 2020.” 

Miss Brandt said, “Kainan is hilarious. You can always count on him for the perfect comment at the perfect moment. He is also (maybe secretly) one of the kindest kids I’ve gotten the privilege to know. Oh, and have you seen him judge a cow?!”

Megan Lewandowski

Our senior spotlight today is on Megan Lewandowski.  Megan is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  While at FCS, Megan has participated in National Honor Society, Soccer, Softball, and Cheerleading, where she was recognized with the Nancy Saxton Leadership award.  Her favorite memory of FCS was being surrounded with great friends and teachers that were always there for her.  Megan received the Allegany County Foundation Scholarship.  She plans on attending SUNY Geneseo for Early Childhood Education. 

Megan’s teachers and coaches had wonderful things to say about her.  Miss Lyman said, “Over the past 5 years, I have watched Megan excel in academics and mold a work ethic that I wish every student could possess.  She approaches challenges with a positive mindset, understanding that failure is a possibility, but knowing that learning is the ultimate goal. Even while maintaining a job outside of school, she is the last person to procrastinate.  In a team environment, Megan will strive to accomplish the risky task because she can see the potential growth for herself and the betterment of the team.  Fillmore and the world are a better place with her in it.”

Miss Hatch added, “Megan was a member of the FCS Varsity Cheerleading team for 4 years. She was an outstanding leader and received the Section V Nancy Saxton Leadership award for Class C. Megan was always willing to volunteer her time to help with our youth programs. She was a major asset to our team and will be greatly missed. Congratulations and good luck Meg!”

Brandon Klatt

Brandon is graduating with a Regents Diploma with a CTE endorsement. He plans on attending college in the field of Computer Information Systems. His favorite memory of FCS was Mr. Heaney reading tweets provided by Kameron Mills.

Mr. Witkowski described Brandon as always smiling. “Having a bad day? A visit from Brandon can be the cure. His genuine concern for others and willingness to strike up a conversation made him an admirable person to collaborate with in class.  It has been great to watch his confidence grow as both a person, and as a student from when he was a sophomore to now as a graduating senior.”

Mrs. Wagner said, “Brandon, I have seen you grow leaps and bounds into a wonderful, hardworking, young man. When you came out of your shell you showed us what amazing things you could accomplish. I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer the world!”

Tobias Webb

Today’s spotlight is on Tobias Webb.  Tobias is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  During his time at FCS, Tobias participated in Drama Club, NHS, FROGS, Student Council, tennis, basketball, and soccer.  In 2019, he earned many awards for soccer including Allegany County All Star, Allegany County MVP, Big 30 All Star, and Section V Player of the Year.  Tobias was also an Allegany County All Star for tennis.  His favorite memories of FCS were making it to the NYS Final Four in soccer and winning individual tennis sectionals with Levi.  Tobias plans on attending Houghton College with an undecided major.  He will also be playing soccer and tennis. 

Teachers had wonderful words to share about Tobias.  Mrs. Chapman said, “Tobias is kind, smart, athletic and a kid that so many others look up to.  He always chooses to do what's right.  I am thankful to have had him in class for thirteen years!”

Mrs. Hannon shared, “Tobias, I am so proud of your hard work this year. You never shy away from a challenge and you do it always with a smile and a laugh. Be true to yourself and continue to push and grow!”

Luke Cole

Luke is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. Luke has participated in soccer, basketball and tennis at FCS. He was a County All-Star for basketball during 10th, 11th and 12th grade. In addition to athletics Luke participated in Drama Club, Student Council and was Vice President of the Awards Committee. Luke’s favorite memory of FCS was playing on all the great sports teams that we have had. Luke plans on attending Houghton College to major in Sports Management.

Luke’s teachers had high praise for his character. Mr. Heaney said, “Luke is one of the sweetest and nicest young men to ever pass through the halls of FCS. His kindness and compassion are truly inspiring to anyone lucky enough to know him.”

Mrs. Ellsworth added, “Luke has always been a sweet kind soul. No matter where I see him he always has a pleasant attitude and is kind to all around him.  He is a perfect example of what true grace looks like.”

Carlee Miller

Today we feature Carlee Miller.  Carlee is graduating with a Regents Diploma.  While at FCS, Carlee was the Student Council Vice President, the Senior Class Secretary, a member of NHS, FROGS, and Drama Club.  She was also recognized as the FCS Standard Bearer.  In athletics, Carlee was an Allegany County and Big 30 All Star in soccer and basketball as well as an Allegany County All Star in softball.  Her favorite memories of FCS were the amazing sport seasons that her teams had as well as all of the great friends that she made that will last a lifetime.  Carlee received an Art scholarship from Houghton College where she will study Art and Education.  She also plans to continue playing basketball and softball at Houghton.

Carlee was praised by many of her teachers.  Miss Lyman said, “Over the years I have watched Carlee’s quiet demeanor evolve into a dependable role model for her peers. She is not a loud vocal leader, but leads by example with positivity, determination, and heart. In the athletic arena and in the academic setting, Carlee is a true team player. She cheers for others after success, encourages them during challenges, and builds them up after failure. I have seen Carlee fail only to want to get better. She never once put a fellow teammate or peer down to make herself look better. She is a class act in every way.”

Mr. Parks added, “Carlee is one of the most dedicated, kind hearted students we have.  She is a top athlete and leader!”

Riley Voss

Today’s senior spotlight is Riley Voss. Riley is graduating with a Regents Diploma. While attending FCS Riley was a three-sport athlete, playing soccer, basketball and softball. She was a County All Star for Soccer in 12th grade and County All Star in Softball in 11th grade. Riley also played club soccer with theNorthwest Wave. In addition to athletics Riley was a member of Student Council, treasurer of SADD and in NHS. Riley’s favorite memory of FCS is being on the first FCS Girls’ Basketball team to win sectionals. Riley has received an athletic and academic scholarship from Huntington University where she plans to study Exercise Science and will be playing soccer.

Mrs. Rookey said, “I remember when I had Riley as a 5th grader. She was a great student academically, and she was always willing to help others. As a high schooler, Riley has been an integral part of the FCS SADD chapter. She has participated in all our SADD activities, especially the annual Chinese Auction. Riley is a young woman who is ambitious, conscientious, and dedicated. I know she will succeed in achieving her goals and reaching her dreams. Best wishes, Riley! I will miss you!”

Mr. Heaney described Riley as, “a strong and caring young lady whose excellence is tremendously appreciated.” 

Emily Willgens

Today we are featuring Emily Willgens in our Senior Spotlight.  Emily is graduating with a Regents Diploma.  During her time at FCS, Emily participated in band, choir, the FCS Pit Orchestra, Conference All-State, NHS, and was the treasurer of the FCS Band Club. Her favorite memory of FCS was all of the fun she had in the Senior Lounge with her friends.  Emily will always be grateful for her friends and amazing teachers.  She received the Hornell Area Wind Ensemble Young Artist Scholarship, the Allegany County School Music Association Scholarship, and the Allegany County Foundation Scholarship.  Emily plans on attending Alfred University to major in Early Education. 

Emily’s teachers had wonderful things to say about her.  Mrs. Chapman said, “Emily is undoubtedly one of the top musicians to come through FCS in my thirteen year tenure in the building. Emily achieved the top honor that high school musicians in New York State can achieve by 11th grade and is hailed as one of the current top high school Euphonium players in all of New York State. Through her amazing work ethic and desire to be the best, she has won nearly every (music performance) scholarship competition she has ever set out to be in and consequently earned thousands of dollars during her tenure. Even better is the fact that she is never boastful, always humble and someone I have always been able to count on to come through in a big way.”

Mrs. Heaney added, “Emily, I sure am going to miss you! Not only have I enjoyed both teaching you and working with you throughout all of your high school math classes, but I have also enjoyed just getting to know you. I have enjoyed hanging out with you outside of school at various music events and more. You have been such an amazing role model for my girls not only as their babysitter and friend, but as a hard-working and positive individual. Your hard work in music is admirable. I love hearing you play.
I know you will be successful in whatever you do, but I hope you never stop playing!”

Daniel Colter

Today the spotlight is on Daniel Colter. Daniel is graduating with a Local Diploma. While at FCS Daniel was a member of the soccer team. His favorite memory was all the crazy fun he had in class with Mr. Heaney. Daniel plans on joining the work force right after graduation and later going to Finger Lakes Community College for film and photography.

Daniel’s teacher had great things to say about him. Mrs. Brown said, “Dan looks tough on the outside but has a marshmallow heart on the inside.  He is sweet, kind and good.  I’m glad to have had him as a student.”

Mrs. Heaney added, “Dan, I will never forget when you first came to Fillmore school. I have watched you grow from the shy, timid “new kid” to an outgoing, positive and hard-working individual. I am so happy to see you with your friends in the hall and on stage with the musical. Your charisma makes me smile. Over the years I have spent being your teacher we have had many talks, but the one thing I will never forget is the day we made you a pink paper mustache to wear... just because!”

Jessica Holmes

Today’s spotlight features Jessica Holmes.  Jessica is graduating with a Regents Diploma with a Technical Endorsement.  During her time at FCS, Jessica participated in volleyball for all four years of high school.  Her favorite memories of school are the friends she made and the yearly spirit weeks.  Jessica plans on receiving her cosmetology license and begin working.  She is also looking to continue her education in esthetics and cosmetology. 

Jessica’s teachers had wonderful words about her.  Mrs. Wagner said, “Jess, you have come a long way since Middle School. I loved watching you grow into a young lady full of grace and resiliency in volleyball and in all of your academics. Great Job Jess, good luck in your future, you can do anything you set your mind to!”

Mrs. Heaney added, “Jessie, I sure miss having you as a student this year. It was so nice getting to know you over the two years you spent with me.  I have always enjoyed our talks. I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that you donated all of your dolls, accessories, and doll clothes to my girls. That is a gesture I will never forget.  Good luck in the future. I know you will make a great cosmetologist! I’m hoping to be your customer some day!”

Abigail Hatch

Abby Hatch is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. Abby has participated in soccer, basketball, FFA, and NHS. Her favorite memories of FCS are every dairy judging trip with Mrs. Nickerson and their team. Abby has received a destination scholarship from SUNY Cobleskill where she will major in Dairy Production and Management.

Abby’s teachers had wonderful things to say about her. Mr. Parks said, “Abby is an outstanding athlete, and even better friend! She never stops giving her best in all that she does.”

Mr. Vosburg added, “Abby is a great person who cares about those around her. She works hard for all of the success that she earns, a work ethic that is no doubt a result of the responsibilities that come with growing up on her family-owned farm. I suspect very few teachers could come up with anything but positive comments when asked about Abby Hatch.”

Madison Engler

Our senior spotlight today is on Madison Engler.  Madison is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  While at FCS, Madison participated in NHS and track and field.  Her favorite memory of FCS was being warmly welcomed into a new school for her last two years of high school.  She made friends that she will never forget.  Madison received an Allegany County Foundation Scholarship and plans on attending SUNY New Paltz for International Business. 

Madison’s teachers had great things to say about her.  Mr. Crouch said, “Maddy is a rare student.  She combines a thoughtful, sensitive personality with an incisive intellect.  I’ve immensely enjoyed the chance to get to know her and be challenged by her critical thinking.  Best of luck to Maddy as she is destined to be a leader in the future!”

Mrs. Hannon added, “Madison, you are a true leader, a thinker, a problem solver and a trailblazer. Keep being yourself and change the world!”

Julia Colombo

Today’s senior spotlight is on Julia Colombo.  Julia is graduating with a Regents Diploma that has Advanced Designation with Honors and Mastery in Science.  While at FCS, Julia participated in Student Council, NHS, choir, band, and was the treasurer for the Class of 2020.  She also was on the yearbook committee and served as the editor for the 2019-20 school year.  Julia participated in track and field along with volleyball, where she was a 2019 Allegany County All-Star.  Her favorite memories of FCS were the late and long rehearsals for both the musical and Dessert Theater as well as every moment on stage.  She also loved the time spent in class with Mr. Heaney.  Julia received a presidential scholarship from SUNY New Paltz where she plans on majoring in English. 

 Mrs. Reding said, “Julia Colombo is a kindhearted sincere respectful young lady who has brought great joy to many audiences through her performances on the FCS musical stage, concerts and Dessert Theaters.   She has been an outstanding leader in several musical ensembles and has graced many with her personal vocal and piano compositions.  Her service as a member of the yearbook staff and this year as editor has been invaluable.  It has been my honor to have Julia as a student for 9 years.  She will be greatly missed.”

Mrs. Chapman expanded on that praise, “Julia Colombo is what Mr. Mullen would call a 'Renaissance Woman.'  She is a stellar scholar, a superior athlete, a beautiful singer, an outstanding instrumentalist and so much more!  She likes the challenge of 'HARD' things, strives to give 100% to everything she commits to and inspires those around her (peers and teachers alike) to give their all as well.  Beyond these attributes, Julia is enjoyable to be around, dependable, responsible and just a fantastic kid who will undoubtedly do amazing things in her life.”

Sebastian Merril

Today’s spotlight features Sebastian Merrill.  Sebastian is graduating with a Regents Diploma that has Advanced Designation with Mastery in Science as well as a Technical Endorsement.  While at FCS, Sebastian participated in Drama Club and the NTHS.  His favorite memories of FCS were debating the world at large with Mr. Rust and the everyday shenanigans of Mr. Heaney.  Sebastian plans on going to Yosemite National Park to work and then later continue his education at the Erie Institute of Technology. 

Sebastian’s teachers have wonderful things to say about him.  Mrs. Reding said, “Sebastian Merrill is a kind, sensitive young man who is thoughtful and supportive of those around him.  It has been a joy to watch him grow and develop into a wonderful performer on the FCS musical stage and to work with his beautiful voice.  I wish him all the best.”

Mr. Heaney added, “Sebastian Merrill is a gem of a human being.  There certainly is nobody like Sebastian.  I will miss his intelligence, his humor, and his wit.  But, above all, I'll miss his deep kindness and compassion for others.  Mazeltov!!”

Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis is graduating with a Regents Diploma. While at FCS, Josh participated in Choir, all county choir, area all state choir, solo-fest, FFA and BoyScouts. His favorite memory of Fillmore was his junior prom. Josh plans on attending JCC to major in Accounting.

When asked about Josh Mrs. Reding said, “Josh Lewis enters a room with a smile on his face and joy in his heart that he likes to share with others. It has been fun to watch his love for music and his hard work and dedication to it afford him many wonderful opportunities to perform, excel and share his talent.”

Mr. Heaney added, “Josh is a unique young man.  His curiosity and inquisitiveness are truly admirable qualities.”

Erin Mawn

Our senior spotlight today is on Erin Mawn.  Erin is graduating with a Regents Diploma.  While at FCS, Erin participated in volleyball (Allegany County All-Star in 11th and 12th grade), basketball, softball, and NHS.  Her favorite memories of FCS were being a part of all of the sports teams and the friends that she made.  Erin received the Deputy Sherriff’s Scholarship.  She plans on attending Alfred State to major in Forensic Science Technology. 

Erin’s teachers had fantastic things to say about her.  Mrs. Clark said, “Erin Mawn will forever be my second daughter. She is strong, driven, and has a great sense of right and wrong and no one will change her thinking. Best wishes Erin!”

Mr. Parks added, “Erin is completely committed in everything she does! She gives 100% all of the time and pushes those around her to rise to the challenge.”

Trevor Clark

Trevor Clark is graduating with a Regents Diploma. Trevor participated in soccer and track. He also played for the WNY Flash Soccer Club. Trevor’s favorite memory of FCS is playing chess with Mr. Heaney. Trevor received a Founders Scholarship from Nazareth College where he plans on majoring in communications. Trevor also plans to play soccer at Nazareth.

Mr. Witkowski described Trevor as having a, “quiet passion.  Using just your ears, you would never know Trevor was around.  However, Trevor has left his mark as both a student and athlete as he is constantly willing to work to elevate both his academic and athletic performance.  Trevor’s Physics lab write-ups are not only complete, but offer keen insight into the problem being solved and have continued to evolve into college-ready reports.  His willingness to convert from being a goalie to becoming a sharp field player allowed the Varsity Soccer Team to add one more formidable weapon to its arsenal in route to its State Final Four appearance.”

Mr. Heaney added, “Trevor has tremendous character and works unbelievably hard to be the best he can be at whatever he does.  I'm extremely proud of him and I'll miss being beaten by him in Chess every day.”

Ada Sylvester

Today’s spotlight is on Ada Sylvester.  Ada is graduating with a Regents Diploma.  While at FCS, Ada participated in FFA, Student Council, Reality Check, NHS, soccer, and track (Allegany County All-Star in 10th and 11th grade).  Ada shared many favorite memories of FCS.  She loved all of the crazy FFA trips where they learned how to walk in the big city and almost fell off cliffs while hiking.  Another favorite memory was any class with “Grizz” AKA Mr. Heaney.  Ada received the Founder’s and NROTC scholarships which will cover her full tuition at St. John Fisher.  She plans on majoring in Criminal Science with minors in Psychology and Computer Science.  Ada will also be a cadet in the Naval ROTC. 

Ada’s teachers had wonderful things to say about her.  Mr. Heaney said, “Ada Sylvester is one of a kind.  I wish the world had a million Ada Sylvesters.  It can't be put into words how good a person Ada is.  If I ever needed a "right hand man" or "sidekick" it would be Ada Sylvester... A.K.A. "Rook."”

Miss Lyman added, “Once Ada sets her mind on something, you can't stop her.  She understands what hard work is and is not afraid to get dirty.  Ada is a force to be reckoned with and because of this, I know she will be successful in the future.”

Danielle Wolcott

Danielle Wolcott is graduating with a Regents with Advanced Designation Diploma. While at FCS, Danielle participated in soccer, cheer, softball, FROGS, NHS, SADD, and Student Council. Her favorite memory of FCS was winning sectionals for cheer and soccer. She plans on attending St. Bonaventure and completing their Physician’s Assistant program. St. Bonaventure has awarded her the provost scholarship.

Danielle’s teachers had wonderful things to say about her. Mr. Heaney said, “Danielle Wolcott is a great student.  She has everything one would need to go far in life.  She is smart, hard-working, and has a ton of grit.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will be able to reach every goal she has.” 

Mrs. Rookey added, “I remember Dani Wolcott as a sweet, kind 5th grader who was always considerate and helpful to others. As I watched her grow through high school, her smile still lights up every room she enters. Dani has been an integral part of the FCS SADD Chapter, demonstrating leadership and dependability. Dani, I wish you all the best! May you reach all of your goals and achieve your dreams!”

Taylor Bedow

Our senior spotlight today is on Tayler Bedow.  Tayler is graduating with a Regents Diploma with a Technical Endorsement.  While at FCS, Tayler participated in basketball and received the Randy Stebbins Memorial Award.  She also participated in volleyball (All-Star in 2018-2019) and track & field.  Winning basketball sectionals her junior year was Tayler’s favorite FCS memory.  Tayler plans on attending Finger Lakes Community College to major in Business Administration and will play volleyball.   

Tayler’s teachers had great things to say about her. Mr. Parks said, “Tayler is a hardworking, committed student athlete.  She puts others before herself and is always putting in her best effort.”

Mr. Beardsley added, “Tayler gives her all and puts others well before herself to help the greater good.”

Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson is graduating with a Regents Diploma. While at FCS she participated in volleyball and basketball. Her favorite memories of FCS were the feeling of being together with her friends and the great friendships she made. She also loves how the teachers and everyone is so helpful and always knows what is best for you. Paige plans to attend Genesee Community College for Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Paige’s teachers had great things to say about her. Mrs. Thompson said, “Paige Johnson always has a smile and a good morning or hello when she walks by.”

Mrs. Heaney added, “Paige, I will miss all of the time you have spent in my classroom over the last few years.  I just never knew when you would pop in (and possibly stay for the whole period), but I loved every second of it!  You always know how to crack me up, and you were always super helpful to both me, my children and my students.  Thank you for always being willing to help me out in whatever way I might need both inside of school and out.  I wish you the best!”

Emily Hatch

Today’s spotlight is on Emily Hatch.  Emily is graduating with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  While at FCS, Emily excelled in soccer, earning Allegany County All-Star status in 2018-19, 1st team All-State in 2018 and 2nd team All-State in 2019.  She also participated in track and field, NHS, and FFA.  Emily’s favorite memory of FCS was winning soccer sectionals for the first time in 20 years.  Emily received the John Deere Scholarship along with the designation scholarship from Cobleskill, where she plans on majoring in Agronomy. 

Emily’s teachers had wonderful things to say about her.  Mr. Vosburg said, “Emily is a hard worker who is a valuable asset to the many FCS teams and organizations she is a part of.  This is evident from her achievement in FFA, in which she was able to earn her Empire degree this past year and was one of only eight FFA members in all of New York to be awarded a National FFA scholarship.  She's a pleasure to teach and enjoyable to be around.”

Miss Brandt added, “Emily stepped up big in the classroom and within our chapter. Whether on trips, in meetings, or helping to overhaul the Ag room, her dedication and enthusiasm for agriculture is unmistakable. I look forward to the day she comes back to visit riding in her big Ford show cattle hauling rig.”

Mason Rose

Mason Rose is graduating with a Regents Diploma with a Technical Endorsement. Mason has participated in soccer, Ski Club, and Trap Club while attending FCS. His favorite memory of FCS was going to the state final four in soccer. Mason plans on joining the work force after graduation.

Mr. Witkowski described Mason as “quietly dependable.  Mason’s actions in the classroom and on the soccer field are like a Rolex watch-- on time and done right the first time.  Mason’s dependability truly showed during the first sectional soccer game as the Eagles found themselves behind a goal and nothing seemed to go right.  Mason stepped up and scored the tying goal which ignited the Eagles to a win and then onward to the State Final Four.”

Mrs. Ellsworth added, “Mason has grown up to be such a great young man.  He is a good person and a hard worker.  I honestly believe he can do anything he sets his mind to.  I have many good memories of Mason in Driver Education.  He will forever be remembered as my one-handed driver.  Not because he chose to drive one handed, but because he had to due to a dirt bike injury that summer.  Most may have struggled with this injury but he embraced it and excelled through it like he does with everything.”

Blake Prince

Our spotlight today is on Blake Prince.  Blake is graduating with a Regents Diploma.  While at FCS, Blake participated in varsity cheer (County All-Star in 2016 and 2020) as well as two years of varsity soccer.  Hearing Mrs. Cartwright tell many stories during study hall was her favorite FCS memory.  Blake plans on attending Alfred State for Interior Design. 

Blake’s teachers had great things to say about her.  Miss Hatch said, “Blake has been a member of the FCS cheerleading team for 6 years! She was named an Allegany County All-star her Senior year. Blake and I started together so next year will be the first season that I'll coach without her. I've been dreading it since she started cheering, mainly because Blake's passion for cheerleading is unmatched. She is a great leader and is always a team player. She has been a dream to work with these past 6 years and I'm sure she will make an amazing coach some day! Hopefully it’s one that I never have to compete against. Congratulations and good luck Blake!”

Mr. Vosburg added, “Blake cares a great deal about putting forth her best effort, whether it be on the cheerleading team or in the classroom.  In Physics, Blake has turned in high quality work that is responsive to feedback and continues to work hard during the COVID-19 closure in a less-than-ideal learning environment.  Everything I have seen from Blake suggests she will be successful in whatever she chooses to pursue after high school.”