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Break Through Challenge

Dinner Table

Break Through Challenge

Do you want to help your young child succeed? What better time than a new DECADE to make some positive changes? Did you know that sitting down for meals together as a family has many benefits? Our challenge to you is this: to sit down together as a family for meals at least 5 times every week for the month of January. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:

  1. Learning new vocabulary through listening to conversations.
  2. Hearing how adults or older children solve problems.
  3. Strengthening relationships with family members.
  4. Improving self-esteem by feeling like they belong.
  5. Decreasing the chance of kids engaging in risky behaviors.

This sounds like a win-win here! We hope you’ll give it a try. Keep this promise to yourself for the month of January, and who knows? Maybe it will become a habit, and you might just see some great things happen.