• Program

    -         The program will run two half day sessions, with a maximum of 18 students in each class.

    -         The Universal Pre-Kindergarten class will have one full-time teacher and one full-time teacher aide.

    -         Fillmore Central School will provide transportation.



    -         All children who will be four years old will be eligible for the program. The child’s birth date must fall within the state designated parameters.

    -         Universal Pre-Kindergarten applications will be distributed in May of the prior school year.

    o       The application will consist of:

    §         An entrance form

    §         A request for transportation

    §         A social history

    §         A health form

    §         A physical completed by a physician

    §         Immunization records

    §         A birth certificate

    §         A home language questionnaire

    §         A homeless student identification form

    -         All applications must be received by Fillmore Central School by August 1 of the new school year.

    -         Parent request for either the morning or afternoon sessions will be honored, if possible, but they are not guaranteed.

    -         Out of district Universal Pre-Kindergarten students may be accepted into the program if there are not 36 district student applications on August 1.

    o       Non-resident students must file a non-resident application with the Superintendent and be accepted to be eligible for the program.


    Lottery System

    -         In the event that more than 36 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Applications are returned to the district, a lottery system will be implemented to identify the students in the program.

    -         The Universal Pre-Kindergarten lottery will be drawn on August 2 of the new school year. The lottery will be held on the following Monday if August 2 falls on a holiday or weekend.

    -         The lottery process:

    o       The names of every applicant will be written on a paper and submitted to a container that is not see-through.

    o        Student names will be drawn from the container until the 36 student slots are filled.

    -         In the event that there are more than 36 applications, no child is guaranteed a spot in the program, including students with disabilities or the children of faculty or staff members.

    -         In the event that more than 36 applications are received, the names of the additional applicants will be drawn and identified on a preferred wait list in the order the children are drawn from the container.


    Wait List

    -         In the event each session has 18 students, any additional applicants will be added to a preferred waitlist.

    -         The Universal Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator will retain information on the preferred waitlist.



    -         As required by Universal Pre-Kindergarten regulations, all students will participate in a screening and outcome assessment to evaluate the impact of the program.

    -         Fillmore Central School will use the DIAL-3 for the pre- and post- assessment to measure student growth.

    -         Each student will also participate in a speech screening to identify any potential articulation or language issues.

    -         Parents will be notified of any potential difficulties identified through the district assessment.

    -         Referrals to the Committee on Preschool Special Education will be made if determined necessary by the teacher, parent, and evaluator.



    -         Early literacy is the foundation for the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program.

    -         Fillmore Central School will use numerous resources to accomplish academic tasks.

    -         The Letter People curriculum will be implemented for early literacy skills.

    -         Hands-on math and science materials are being purchased to integrate with the concept or letter of the week presented in the Letter People Curriculum.