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Professional Goals

  • Increase student engagement through the implementation of relevant, and rigorous, instruction, with the result of increasing student achievement across all grade levels.

    Action Steps:

    • Expand Data Driven Instruction to all core disciplines (ELA Focus)
    • Facilitate additional instructional contents (Coding, Robotics, and CAD) to promote student engagement and interest in Science and Mathematics.
    • Align BOCES professional development to existing data-driven-instruction practices
    • Utilize professional development and instructional coaching model to foster utilization of emergent instructional technologies to facilitate interest and tracking of standards proficiencies.

    Maintain and improve upon a safe, secure, learning environment that meets the academic, physical, and socio-emotional needs of all students and staff.

    Action Steps:

    • Implement trauma-informed instructional lens through monthly professional development led by faculty during faculty meetings.
    • Curate professional development that promotes educating the whole child, with a socio-emotional lens.
    • Maintain buildings and grounds, examining additional methods of ensuring the safety and security of our students, staff, and community members.
    • Recognize the efforts of support staff through regular dialogue with staff, and exemplifying staff in school-based publications (newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

    Engage with students, staff, and community members in order to gain a greater understanding of the district in which I lead.

    Action Steps:

    1. Regularly attend sporting events and extracurricular activities.
    2. Participate in community events and activities (Fillmore Fun Fest, Wide-Awake-Library’s Events, etc.)