Student Council Spook House 2010
This Halloween gave the Fillmore Student Council a chance to put a new spin on a time honored tradition at Fillmore.  The classic Spook House was re-imagined as "The Deadly Diner".  The school testatorium provided an ideal setting in which ghoulish members of the Student Council scared the pants off many adventurous patrons.  Thank you to all who supported the Student Council by attending the Spook House on Halloween night.  It was a huge hit!

We would also like to recognize and thank Mrs. Banish for all her years of hard work she has put into directing student council and all of the supplies she has left with us.  We really appreciate it.  We would also like to thank Morton Salt for hte donated supplies and Shawn Frazier for putting in a few hours of labor.  Finally, we'd like to thank Mr. Crouch and Mr. Heaney for making the Spook House happen and putting in hours of laborious preparation.  On behalf of the Student Council we would also like to welcome Mr. Heaney and Mr. Crouch as the new advisors of the High School Student Council.