The Fillmore Student Council decided to toss a new twist into this year's long winter by throwing a brand new winter pep rally and dance.
The Student Council agreed that January always seems like one of the longest months of the year, especially with midterms.  In celebration in the end of the semester, we decided to throw a winter pep rally.  It was lots of fun as the rowdy fans all screamed for glory Friday afternoon.  It went way too fast, but for the 9-12 students the fun had just begun.  The Winter Semi-Formal Dance was just ahead!
The student body got all gussied up in black and white and arrived at the dance, ready to have fun.  It was a great time with lots of ice cold drinks and delicious treats, provided by the senior class.  It's definitely going to turn into a great tradition here at Fillmore.  We also had a great new DJ (Mr. Crouch).
If you have been enjoying the Student Council's new activities, please note that we will be holding another "Movie Night" soon.  Our "Movie Nights" are held in support of local food pantries and we'd love to have your donations.  Come back to the Fillmore Website for details on this upcoming "Movie Night".  All you have to do is bring a generous spirit and some canned food!